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Dr. Fisher Spa Basket Gift (PS13)

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Dr. Fisher Spa Basket (PS13) 

  • Body Spa – Body Lotion 250ml.
  • Body Spa – Shower Scrub 150gr.
  • 3 Bottles of Body Shop – Green Point Bath Foam 500ml (Green, Blue, Orange).
  • 2 Bottles of Body Cream.
  • 2 Dead Sea Aromatic Spa Salts (lemon, lavender).
  • 1 unit of candle and oil.
  • Delivery within 36 hours.

Dr. Fisher Spa Basket’s Our inventory changes out frequently but many items will be stocked on a more consistent basis according to demand. all items stocked in our shop and in our gift baskets are from small makers, designers and artists around the country.

Just like with all of our ready to ship gift baskets, we will send exactly what is pictured here unless we are sold out of a particular item. in that case, we will replace with something of similar meaning/style and price point.

We can all use a day of rest & relaxation but sometimes finding the time for a long, leisurely appointment just doesn’t fit into our busy lifestyles.

This Amazing Fisher Spa Basket is a wonderful way to encourage the act of self care. gift to someone that you know can really use the reminder or even gift to yourself!

FAQ Spa Basket Gift 

Dr. Fisher Spa Basket, We describe some FAQ about this gift item in this section.

What can I put in a relaxing gift basket?
You might want to include things such as:
  1. Bath salts, scrubs, and bath bubbles.
  2. Shampoo or conditioner.
  3. Scented candles.
  4. A CD with relaxing music.
  5. A bathrobe or small throw.
  6. Slipper socks.
  7. Reading material.
  8. A small reading light and more.
What do you put in a new mom gift basket?

Something to help her body heal, to help her mind relax, to feed her soul, connect to the new baby.

What do you put in a spa gift?
If it is a holiday gift, you might want to have all Christmas or winter-themed items, like peppermint salt scrubs and vanilla spiced candles. You can go the traditional direction with basic spa and pampering items like bath salts and bath bombs, or include more items for beauty like face masks and body scrubs.
What to include in a baby tub gift basket?
  1. (hooded) towel and / or baby towels.
  2. baby bathrobe.
  3. bath thermometer.
  4. wash cloths.
  5. sponge.
  6. baby bath oil.
  7. baby shampoo and body wash.
  8. rubber duckie and / or squirting toys ETC.




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