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(PS10) – Royal Spa Gift Box

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(PS10) – Royal Spa Gift Box

  • Bath Milk Roses – For all skin types. Cream Based soap which foams in bath. – 250ml.
  • Mineral Powder Vanilla – For all skin types. Contains oil and minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • Body Lotion – For every day use on sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth. – 250ml.
  • Message Oil – A combination of aroma therapeutic oils with grape seed oil base. Easily absorbed by skin – 250ml.
  • Hand Lotion – For all skin types. Gentle cream enriched with oils and silicon.
  • Bath sea salt Vanilla – For all skin types. Salt saturated with ethereal oil and healing herbs. Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure.
  • Bath Foem – For all skin types. Oil enriched – 500ml.
  • Bath Oil – For all skin types. Almond oil and various ethereal oils.- 500ml.
  • Shower Gel – For normal to oily skin. Scents: Vanilla. – 500ml.
  • Mineral Bath Ball – For all skin types. Minerals, salt and oils for a long and soothing bath. Relaxes sore muscles and eases pains.
  • Body Lotion for the mom and the baby – for every day use on sensitive skin – 250ml.
  • 1 square soap 200gr.
  • 1 pump.
  • All products are from “Sabon shel Pa’am” company – Handmade and 100% natural.
  • Delivery will take place within 36 hours.




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