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(PD9) Special Delicacy gift basket

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(PD9) Special Delicacy gift basket

In this very special delicacy basket we offer you the best of the best of the Israeli produce:

  • Organic Almond honey “Rosetta” from the organic “Hod Farm” (500ml).
  • Organic figs confiture from the organic “Hod Farm” (500ml).
  • Organic Blackberry, strawberry and Red berry confiture with natural sweetener (n Sugar) 450 ml, from the organic “Hod Farm”.
  • Greek style eggplant jam (450ml).
  • Roasted peanuts, honey coated delicacy (140ml).
  • palms paste with walnuts (330ml).
  • Chestnut paste (375ml).
  • Carob paste (500ml).
  • Royal Nuts paste (walnuts, pecan nut and hazelnuts) (500ml).
  • Almonds paste (500ml).
  • green nuts delicacy (450ml).
  • Sherry tomatoes jam (315ml).
  • Raspberry marmalade (284ml).
  • Strawberry marmalade (284ml).
  • Mixed fruits marmalade (284ml).
  • Special reserved Balsamic vinegar (0.5L).
  • Extra virgin Olive oil 1L.
  • Red Jasmine Reccanati Wine (0.75L).
  • White Jasmine Reccanati Wine (0.75L).
  • All products are Kosher under Rabbinate Israel approval.
  • All product are Kosher Under Israel Rabbinate supervision.



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