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Royal Gift Basket (PC2)

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Royal Gift Basket (PC2)

The Royal Gift Basket is really amazing gift to everyone. It is comfortable with wedding gift, birthday even any special day. Check it out what is included in this gift box’s.

  • Carmel White 500.
  • Carmel Red 500.
  • Guliany Belgium Chocolate Seashells.
  • Piasten Pearliness, Germany.
  • Fazer Liqueur Fills Chocolates.
  • Pflaume Marzipan.
  • Belgian Chocolates.
  • dokdo Belgium praline.
  • La’roshel De Luxe.
  • 2 Boxes of Swiss Chocolates.
  • Grand Selection – Belgian Chocolate praline.
  • LaRushel De Luxe.
  • Cupido – Belgium Chocolate.
  • Cupido – Cacao, Belgium Chocolate.
  • Golden Poker.
  • Mendiants.
  • Praline box.
  • Marshmallows, Candies and lots of more goodies…
  • All products are Kosher under Rabbinate Israel approval/or supervision.
  • Can be sent as condolences basket.

Your thoughtfulness will long be remembered when they receive this gourmet chocolate and fruit gift basket. Beautifully packed in our reusable basket. Based on cookie availability, we may substitute flavors as needed

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