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(PC1) Corporate Gourmet

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(PC1) Corporate Gourmet Decadence Basket

  • Yarden Champaign.
  • Carmel White 500.
  • Carmel Red 500.
  • Guliany Belgium Chocolate Seashells.
  • Piasten Pearliness, Germany.
  • Fazer Liqueur Fills Chocolates.
  • Fazer Finlandia Vodka Chocolates.
  • Pflaume Marzipan.
  • Belgian Chocolates.
  • Dokdo Belgium perline.
  • Laroshel De Luxe.
  • 5 Boxes of Swiss Chocolates.
  • Grand Selection – Belgian Chocolate praline.
  • 3 Boxes of Swiss Chocolates.
  • LaRushel De Luxe.
  • Cupido – Belgium Chocolate.
  • Cupido – Cacao, Belgium Chocoalte.
  • Golden Poker.
  • Mendiants – 65gr.
  • Praline box.
  • Mini delicates.
  • Marshmallows, Candies and lots of more goodies…
  • Organic Almond honey “Rosetta” from the organic “Hod Farm” (500ml).
  • Organic figs confiture from the organic “Hod Farm” (500ml).
  • Organic Blackberry, strawberry and Red berry confiture with natural sweetener (no
  • Sugar) 450 ml, from the organic “Hod Farm”.
  • Greece style eggplant jam (450ml).
  • Roasted peanuts, honey coated delicacy (140ml).
  • palms paste with walnuts (330ml).
  • Chestnut paste (375ml).
  • Carob paste (500ml).
  • Royal Nuts paste (walnuts, pecan nut and hazelnuts) (500ml).
  • Almonds paste (500ml).
  • green nuts delicacy (450ml).
  • Sherry tomatoes jam (315ml).
  • Raspberry marmalade (284ml).
  • Strawberry marmalade (284ml).
  • Mixed fruits marmalade (284ml).
  • Special reserved Balsamic vinegar (0.5L).
  • Extra virgin Olive oil 1L.
  • Red Jasmine Reccanati Wine (0.75L).
  • White Jasmine Reccanati Wine (0.75L).
  • All products are Kosher under Rabbinate Israel approval / or supervision.

Food can say a lot. Delicious food can say it all. Israel-gifts-flowers’s Gift Baskets and Cakes is the delectable gift, ideal for any business wanting to customize their appreciation. As the premier provider of Corporate-Gourmet Gluten Free food to businesses all across the Israel, UK and USA, we wish you and those you work with sweet success.


Deliver The Best With Our Gourmet Food Baskets

Corporate Gourmet at Israel gift flowers, we know that everyone appreciates gourmet food – so when you’re searching for impressive gifts for business associates, employees and clients, we’ve amassed an extensive collection to please any palate.

Why settle for ordinary food baskets when you can choose from gourmet offerings from around the world? From Sel Magique’s exotic herbed salt from France to Xcoclatti’s hand-rolled truffles imported from Europe, we have scoured the globe to bring you the finest epicurean delights the world has to offer.

Whether you’re searching for indulgent chocolate bon bons or something crunchy and salty, we carry upscale snack baskets to suit every need and price-point – browse our mouth-watering array of culinary treasures, including:

Gluten-Free Gift Baskets, Gluten-Free Cookies, Premium Cookies, Brownies & Pastries Bakery Sampler Gift Baskets by David’s Cookies: Gourmet Loaf Cakes ,Imported Truffles Dried Fruits & Nuts Gift Sets, Kettle Corn & Potato Chips If you’re looking for the ultimate gift basket for the connoisseur on your list, we proudly offer a delightful array of unique provisions and beverages – whether you seek distinctive loose tea gift sets or artisanal gourmet oils & balsamic vinegar pairings, we carry a magnificent collection of victuals for the serious foodie.

From the casual snacker to the aspiring chef, our gourmet gift sets and culinary accessories are the ideal way to show your corporate appreciation year-round.




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