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  • Carmel, the resucitated Israeli giant, owns half of Yatir, a splendid new boutique in the northeastern Negev; growers own the rest.
  • Yatir winery abides to Jewish wine making traditions and is supervised by Israel’s Chief rabbinate.
  • The grapes come from southern Judean hills’ heights. This light, impeccably balanced, intellectually and esthetically satisfying blend possesses a deeply fruity bouquet and savory nuanced flavors that include anise and vanillan. A pleasing aroma comes through.
  • Dark royal purple colors, soft, with generous black currant, plum, and berry aromas.
  • The Yatir Rose is ideal for toasts and blessings.
  • All products are sher under Rabbinate Israel approval / or supervision

Yatir Winery Isrel

Israel Yatir winery Red And Rose

The winery was started in 2000 as a joint venture between the grape growers of the region and Carmel Winery.  The grapes that make up the wines we tasted are grown in the Yatir Red and Rose, situated 10 minutes from the winery, in the Southern Judean Hills (at 900m).

The Ramat Arad vineyard, wraps the winery, which is situated at the base of the famous Tel Arad archeological site, is owned by Carmel and tended to by the Yatir Winery.  The Ramat Arad grapes are used by Carmel for their line single vineyard wines (Cabernet, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc).

The Yatir Winery is literally an oasis in the middle of a desert.   The winery, started in 2001 is south of Jerusalem, but to get there you either go east or west and then south and then west or east.

We drove there by going west and driving south on the 90 south from Jerusalem.  The road is flat and long.  We pass Ein Geidi and Masada, and then comes the glorious dead sea.

As we pass the countless hotels that wind around the sea and edge close to the road, we come to the 31 that takes us east past Arad and to the Yatir winery.

Yatir winery Delivery Israel Near me

This is the flagship wine of  Yatir Winery Red and Rose. For making this wine use the best plots of the best vineyards in each particular vintage. The emphasis is on the intensity of the fruit and the aging potential. The varieties that make up the blend may vary from year to year depending on both the vintage and the winemakers objective to make a wine which best represents the unique Yatir terroir.

Red and Rose wine is aged up to 18 months in small French oak barrels and then has a further year’s bottle age before release. It has a deep purple-red color, an aroma of ripe forest fruits and a concentrated taste.

The 31 climbs high and you can sea the dead sea as a large jewel in the middle of a barren land.  Then the road dramatically plunges down into the valley below and levels out.  The desert that surrounds the winery makes the beautiful Ramat Arad vineyard (at 500m) that is adjacent to the winery stand out that much more.

Yatir winery Red and Rose Israel

Yatir winery has set itself the goal of emphasizing regional uniqueness in its wines. The winery’s  Red and Rose pride – “The Yatir character” begins with the high altitude vineyards planted in clay limestone soil, and a dry, cold desert climate at night, creating a very distinct terroir.

Eran Goldwasser, Yatir’s chief winemaker, is committed to the highest quality – from the selection process and cultivation of the wine grapes, to the harvest, fermentation, aging and bottling process – all complemented by the latest technology and equipment.

The first Yatir wine Red and Rose was created in 2000. The winery portfolio now carries three blends: Yatir Forest, the winery’s flagship wine, Yatir Creek and Mt. Amasa, in addition to two varietal wines (Syrah & Petit Verdot) and Rosé.

Thanks to the hot summer days and cool nights, the grapes enjoy a high diurnal temperature range during the growing season. This helps to achieve optimal ripeness in the grapes as well as preserving plenty of freshness and delicate aromatics.

Combined with the long maturation process, the terroir creates a generous, full-bodied wine with ample dark fruit flavours, firm tannins and a long finish with hints of wood smoke and winter spice. This is a great wine to cellar for another decade or so, although it can also be enjoyed now alongside barbecued meats, a ribeye steak, or hearty stews.




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