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(kw2) Selected Yatir Red &White

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  • Carmel, the resucitated Israeli giant, owns half of Yatir, a splendid new boutique in the northeastern Negev; growers own the rest.
  • Yatir winery abides to Jewish wine making traditions and is supervised by Israel’s Chief rabbinate.
  • The grapes come from southern Judean hills’ heights. This light, impeccably balanced, intellectually and esthetically satisfying blend possesses a deeply fruity bouquet and savory nuanced flavors that include anise and vanillan. A pleasing funkiness comes through.
  • A Perfectly calibrated combination, intellectually and aesthetically gratifying blends; light as a feather; deeply fruity bouquet; upbeat, nuanced, delicious flavors; a wisp of agreeable funkiness; firm tannins.
  • All products are Kosher under Rabbinate Israel approval / or supervision



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