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Royal Spa Gift Box (PS10)

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(PS10) – Royal Spa Gift Box

  • Bath Milk Roses – For all skin types. Cream Based soap which foams in bath. – 250ml.
  • Mineral Powder Vanilla – For all skin types. Contains oil and minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • Body Lotion – For every day use on sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth. – 250ml.
  • Message Oil – A combination of aroma therapeutic oils with grape seed oil base. Easily absorbed by skin – 250ml.
  • Hand Lotion – For all skin types. Gentle cream enriched with oils and silicon.
  • Bath sea salt Vanilla – For all skin types. Salt saturated with ethereal oil and healing herbs. Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure.
  • Bath Foem – For all skin types. Oil enriched – 500ml.
  • Bath Oil – For all skin types. Almond oil and various ethereal oils.- 500ml.
  • Shower Gel – For normal to oily skin. Scents: Vanilla. – 500ml.
  • Mineral Bath Ball – For all skin types. Minerals, salt and oils for a long and soothing bath. Relaxes sore muscles and eases pains.
  • Body Lotion for the mom and the baby – for every day use on sensitive skin – 250ml.
  • 1 square soap 200gr.
  • 1 pump.
  • All products are from “Sabon shel Pa’am” company – Handmade and 100% natural.
  • Delivery will take place within 36 hours.
How do you make a self care gift basket?
Create a Self-Care Gift Basket
  1. Soft, cozy socks
  2. Bath products.
  3. Hot tea or drink mixes.
  4. Art supplies.
  5. A sweet treat.
  6. A scented item.
  7. Don’t forget yourself, pick up a pair of bamboo socks and cozy up on the sofa with my book A Stress-Free Christmas for a little self-care this holiday season.
What do you put in a spa gift?
If it is a holiday gift, you might want to have all Christmas or winter-themed items, like peppermint salt scrubs and vanilla spiced candles.
You can go the traditional direction with basic spa and pampering items like bath salts and bath bombs, or include more items for beauty like face masks and body scrubs.

Our Royal Spa Gift Box  is on going trending for Israel to Over the world. Without Farther late let’s grab the opportunity.

Have Q?  No problem feel free contact with us.




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